Five Useful Tips For Finding Your Niche

Greetings! Now that I got my small introduction out the way from my last post, let’s finally get into it! I want to give you advise on finding your niche. Your niche is what your blog topic and genre will be. What you will specialize in. This step is very important to consider before you even start to begin blogging. The choice of your niche can be very challenging. If you are trying to make blogging your career, you will easily fall into the temptation of picking a genre that seem to be the most popular, or less taken up by other writers. And that can be a short-term solution to gaining readers, but your interest and spark for writing will eventually disappear.


And the quality of your blog post will start to go down. Your readers will take notice of that, and will start to leave. You definitely don’t want that; especially if you put a lot of time and effort into your blog. What you want to do is write about what you are most passionate about no matter how crowded or unpopular the genre is. Because if it’s something you are passionate and knowledgeable on, readers will sense that and be drawn to you.

Here are five useful tips in determining your genre:

  1. If you have multiple niches that you are interested in, narrow it down to one. Pick the one that you are the most knowledgeable and passionate about. I’ve noticed that I was way more successful when I just focused on one topic rather than combining numerous topics into one blog. This will help you gain a specific loyal fanbase. 
  2. Pick a niche that you will never get bored with. If this blog is going to be your career choice, then you should count on having it for years to come. The last thing you want to do is invest years into one blog, just to start all over again with a new one. Trust me, I know!😂
  3. Is it a topic that you can continuously give out fresh content? I myself have been guilty of recycling old material. After making so many post, you eventually feel like you’ve already told it all, and now you’re resorting to reposting old material, or talking about the same things over and over again. Your loyal readers won’t be fooled, and will get bored with you.  
  4. Do you have something unique to offer? There are numerous people doing the same topic as you. Is there something you can do to make yourself stand out from the crowd? A great example would be Perhaps putting a twist to your recipes on your food blog. 
  5. And finally number 5! Do you consider yourself the expert of your trade? Will you be able to show expertise and confidence in your writings? Even if you are passionate about something, it doesn’t mean that you know as much as you should. For example, you could have a passion for healing the sick, but you can’t properly give medical care until you go to medical school. So the more confidence and knowledge you hold in your niche, the more readers you will gain. 

Using those five steps should have you on your way! But If you feel Vague about your niche, don’t panic. Take your time and create a blog as a test run. Talk about numerous things at first. I can’t guarantee you’ll have stable readers doing that, but you’re only using the blog as an experiment anyway. Keep writing and eventually you will find something you enjoy. And when you do, stick to it!

I hope you found this information useful and I’ll see you for the next class!😀

Success is yours!😄

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